A sleigh has been a special feature in the transport technology development. As coach producers were engaged in the production of different types of sleigh, the Kopřivnice coach factory making no exception, let us also mention this means of transport.

Sleigh, type 957, 1895, made for Mr. Raška, Kopřivnice manufacturer

Sleigh, type 811, 1895, made for Russia (with a tip-up seat for coachman)

Sleigh, type 956, 1895, made for Russia

Sleigh, type 111, 1895

Sleigh, type 954, 1895

Small Four-seater Sleigh, type 247, 1896 (uncompleted)

Baroque Sleigh

Vertical turret lathe for a sleigh from 17th century

Sleigh, type 458, 1895

Sleigh, type 135, 1895

Sleigh Coupé, type 458, 1896, made for Czernowitz in Bukovina

Sleigh, type 111, 1896

Sleigh Vis-`a-vis, type 1775, 1896

Small Riding Sleigh (without type designation), 1902